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About Us

Our journey began with my daughter and myself who was in and out of the doctor constantly,  

My daughter’s issues stemmed from Constipation since birth.

When she was 6, she started to have seizures, tics, and started having heart pain, that was so debilitating,  she couldn’t function.  Little did I know like so many others, it stems from your gut health.  

As time went on, it was so stressful, knowing she was in pain and the only thing you want is for your little ones to be ok.  It was mentally and physically hard on both of us.

As a mom,  you just want to take away the pain your child feels and keep them safe, so when my daughter ended up in the hospital and her pediatrician and GI said, to put her on Lactulose, Ex-lax and Prilosec daily, that’s when we looked elsewhere for treatment.

That’s the day we started our journey of self-healing because just prescribing medicine is not the fix, There had to be another way…. 

As I started to dig into how we can fix the issues we were having, we came across a different type of doctor known as a Functional doctors, also known as a Holistic doctor, Naturopathic doctor, or alternative medicine doctor.  We had nothing to lose, so why not give them a try since the regular mainstream system didn’t work.

As we started treatment, he mentioned that we should starting detoxing her and change her diet. Within 10 days of treatment with our Functional doctor, my daughter’s constipation started to go away. 

This is when we started asking the questions…

Why weren’t we taught about Functional Medicine? How come we never knew they existed? Could it be that easy to fix our issues?

Over time I realized, that everything we put in our body and on our body is extremely important, and with the environmental changes we are subject to greatly affect how our body feels and functions. This is now our way of life and living clean is very important in being our healthiest self.