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Welcome Readers!

So let me tell you a couple things about Melaleuca..

Melaleuca is an exclusive shopping club where you become a member and can order your everyday things you use and they ship the items directly to your home. It’s simple and easy and the best part is that they don’t have the harsh chemicals in them and are safe for your family to use. 

For our family, we specially use their cleaning line, but they have many more options as well. 

We love their dish washing soap, laundry soaps, shampoo, conditioner, coffee, popcorn, disinfectant and much more. 

I started using this because for the last 10 years, I suffered from severe back pain. It started when I was 30 and I wasn’t sure what was different in my life. I ate the same stuff, and did the same things, but I had this pain that slowly crept up and I’m sure y’all can understand where i’m coming from. Most people start to experience this pain and thinking it’s because we are getting older. 

My daughter suffered from chronic constipation since birth. 

As for my husband, he suffered with very intense migraines that would take him out for days. He did everything from lights out, to massage pillow, cracking of the back, to hot showers, drinking water. We even tried oil, and even though they did work, he was very sensitive to the smell, so we had to stop those. So the only alternative, was to take the pills (Exedrin) to relieve pressure

Over time, the pills didn’t work and he had to take 4 pills a day within 24 hours to get rid of his migraine.  So that’s where when we started researching about what we put on our skin effects our health. We starting noticing that everything we do day to day has added chemicals in them. The dishwashing soap we wash our dishes with to the bar soap we wash our bodies with and lets not forget the laundry soap we use to wash our clothes in.  We started to realize that everything we were using since we were younger and were taught might be the reason for all of our issues popping up in our lives. We thought “maybe just maybe, our issues came from all the other things we put on our bodies around us.” 

We wanted to find a company that sold the same products but without the harsh chemicals and effects and in our search, we started to notice all products we had in our home like Tide and Cascade, for example had additional additives in them.  At that point, we wanted to do what was best for our family and try something new. It couldn’t get any worse, so we made the leap and gave Melaleuca a try.

It’s been 4 months now and we have been so grateful. My back pain has subsided, my husband’s Migraines he used to experience 2-4 times a week, has reduced tremendously to maybe 1 time every month and my daughters gut health has improved as well. Now i’m not saying that this fixed ALL our issues, but when we started paying attention to labels  and eliminated the “what if” factors, we started to see improvement. 

If you would like to more, please click my link and I can sign you up to become a member and you can start taking your life back to healthy living.